“Thirty Episodes of Spirituality”

23 Sep

Behold, my introduction to the world of religious blogging… and I have already decided on a meme to be the manner in which I introduce myself to you.

Really, the purpose of this blog is for me to take my ideas and put them to paper. I tend to find that I learn how I really feel about something when I am writing. So, if I am to blog about my religious beliefs, I will learn more about what I believe. This is how I choose to connect to my gods.

Sobeq, a member of my temple, took the thirty days of Paganism meme that was floating out there, and remixed it into “30 Episodes of Spirituality.” I’ve changed it a little further, as there are some things in her lineup that I can’t answer.

And so, subject to change, here is my own version! We’ll see how it goes, eh?

1. Why Kemetic Orthodoxy?
2. Beliefs – Origins of the Universe
3. Beliefs – The Gods and the Divine
4. Beliefs – Death and the Afterlife
5. Beliefs – Spirits and Other Unseen Critters
6. Beliefs – Heka, Magic, and Personal Power
7. Beliefs – Seasons and Holidays – the Kemetic Calendar
8. Beliefs – Ma’at, aka Universal Accountability
9. How did I get involved with Kemetic Orthodoxy?
10. My Gods – Wepwawet
11. My Gods – Sekhmet-Hethert
12. My Gods –  Bast
13. My Gods – Nut
14. My Gods – Wesir
15. My Gods – Ptah
16. How I worship.
17. How I serve.
18. Community.
19. Hierarchy, “orthodoxy” and organized religion.
20. Personal practice vs. “State Religion”.
21. Initiations: Divination and Shemsu Naming.
22. Coming out Kemetic.
23. Purity or perfectionism?
24. Reconstructionism vs. Revivalism vs. ???
25. Other paths I have explored.
26. Religion and daily life.
27. Divination.
28. My spiritual obstacles.
29. My spiritual advantages.
30. My aspirations and goals.


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