C is for Communicating

6 Mar

Here are some definitions.

I am Kemetic Orthodox (KO). Kemetic Orthodoxy is a religion.

I am part of the House of Netjer. The House is a temple of that religion.

Tawy House is a building in Joliet, IL. Tawy is our retreat center, a former Catholic convent, and until recently the home of at least two priests and the caretaker. (Now only the caretaker lives there).


All three of these have websites. The KO website is horrendously out of date and in need of TLC. The House’s website is a forum that is currently being trolled on the public boards. Tawy’s website, being brand-spankin’ new, is pretty much empty. These three issues have made it difficult for me to show anyone my faith in its official capacity. Further, there’s a large presence opposed to Kemetic Orthodoxy on the internet, and I can’t just ask people to Google us, because they will find those people in addition to our websites.


So I’m finding myself building this blog, but it isn’t authoritative either. It’s me telling the story of how I got here, how I’ve evolved. It’s personal, it’s rough. But if our official resources are currently tricky to use, then what can I do? I have to open up and allow myself to write about things here and to speak to others. I need to get over the fear that people will judge us. I know people judge us, so why should I fear it? We have trolls, we have angry monotheists, we have other pagans who think we’re doing it wrong, and people who think we worship the Nisut (AUS).

Even one of my more accepting friends has been a little judgmental about KO. Because of the state of kemet.org, because of negative conceptions he has of pagans (we’re all fluffy-woo pagans to him), and frankly because of my inability (or is it unwillingness?) to explain what we practice and believe.

It’s heart-breaking for me, because of how much I love this faith and the community. That I cannot properly share that I have found a place to be, to learn, to question, and to commune with others is ridiculous. I wish people would grow up enough to see past looks, and see the fundamental truths of the place instead. Maybe then, I could finally share my happiness with the family and friends outside of KO that I love.


One Response to “C is for Communicating”

  1. helmsinepu March 13, 2012 at 10:46 am #

    It’s unfortunate that the net presence is so creaky. It wouldn’t be THAT much work to clean it up and make it graphically attractive, and I think there are people willing to help. Sigh.

    The moderation stance also bothers me. My troll statement would be: “We expect our members to be respectful of others and engage in civil discourse, and we expect that of our guests as well.” Delete or edit the offending comment, leaving a marker that says it’s been moderated. (I’d also hold the members to that.) Allowing a troll to bait members into responding in kind has no benefit.

    I think the attitude towards Kemetic Orthodoxy and Rev. Siuda has changed enormously in the last year and a half. Before that it was a closed community, with very few members ‘on view.’ People who weren’t members seemed to universally think it was a horrible cult. Kemetic Interfaith Network forum has helped turn that around, with Tamara answering questions and more members participating in discussions with other Kemetics.

    There’s also a small group of people, including some former members, who have been calmly chipping away at the wall of isfet. It seems like a thankless task, but today you’ll see a large number of people who say “It’s not for me, but they’re worshiping the same deities I am, and that’s all right.”

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