About Khen

Hello, all! I’m Khenneferitw, or Khen, a college student from Sacramento, California. The initials of my URL stand for the initials of my legal name, as I started this blog before becoming a Shemsu.

This blog is a record of my life as a Shemsu, or follower, of Kemetic Orthodoxy.

Kemetic Orthodoxy is a revival and re-construction of the ancient polytheistic faith of Egypt. It focuses both on personal practice and the formal”state” religion, with five central tenants:

  • Belief in Netjer (the one Divine source from which the universe and gods come)
  • Honoring our Akhu (Ancestors)
  • Respect of the Nisut (Religious leader)
  • Love for the Community
  • Living in Ma’at (Truth, justice, and ethical living)

Updated: 4/5/2012


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