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The Red Lord

18 Feb

I don’t even know how it happened.

I am He Before Whom the Sky Shakes, the howling of the desert wind. The force of my anger moves mountains of sand, carves a new landscape, and rebuilds the world. I bring the storm to your people, the torrents that knock you to your knees, drowning you in a sea that is only moments old. I split the sky with lightning, strike fire to your hearts.

I am the Lord of the Red Land, the desert, the place of death. My domain is that fiery place where no man dares to go. Alone under the sun’s seething beams, I hunt through the dunes. I navigate through the desperate places, I fight the poisonous ones, and I live.

I am Great of Strength, I alone stop the Evil One. I stand at the head of the sun-boat. With my spear, I fight the One who Would Destroy All. It is my destiny, for I am the god who stands apart. I save the great king with my mighty arm, and when the Serpent is slain, I cast the fragments of his body into the fires of the sun.

I am Set, once king of this land, and I live to fight again.

This piece is to be published in The Charles Viewer, the literary magazine at Fisher College and The Bennu: Volume II, the literary magazine of the House of Netjer.