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IV Peret 11, Y19.

11 Mar

Today, Dad and I wrote a folk song.

It’s really just a simple chant with a melody to match, hence me calling it a folk song. It went through several iterations before it felt right, and I want to add more to it as time goes by. I’m calling it “Ptah’s Gardening Song.” Here is the refrain:

Green, green, green upon green
Separate the chaff from the wheat,
Green, green, green upon green,
The earth is born again.

Thanks for hammering four (the number of perfection/completion) in my head, Dad.

I’m back in California. The season (from my observation) has already changed to spring here. Yesterday, I was mildly sunburned at a car wash, and today, my mother and I went into the yard to garden. The trees here are in bloom, and the shrubs are starting to come to life, though our flowers have not yet awoken. How strange that only four days ago, it was icy-winter weather for me!

Meanwhile, the metaphorical season of Shomu (harvest) is also approaching. For the first time, I’m not harvesting school-things. No, that entire crop died out in the heat. Now I’m turning to other investments I’ve made since the Year of Ptah began. The fruit of my spiritual life is ripening on the tree; my relationship with mother and partner is grows tall (the first day of Shomu is our anniversary); and the vineyards of my knitting hang heavy with progress. At the vernal equinox, we celebrate the feast of Zep-Tepi, the renewing of the year. I can’t believe the end is approaching. It feels like only last week that I was beginning classes, but it also feels like millennia since high school. Time has gone wibbly.

I’m still processing from my RPD, working out how to adapt my practice and the learn more about my Fathers in full. I’ll share what I can as time goes by.


Offering for IV Peret 11, Year 19: Blackberries for my Fathers, raspberries for the Eyes. Well received. Dua Ptah-Sokar, Dua Wepwawet-Yinepu, Dua Bast, Dua Sekhmet-Hethert! May I be filled by your sweetness.



8 Nov

It’s been too long, far too long, since I spent time in the company of the gods, or my fellow Remetj.

I know this. Not a day goes by where I think that I should be performing Senut, or that something vital is missing in my life. Last Tepy-Semdet, I offered Djehuty a novel because the upcoming (now current) month would be (is) NaNoWriMo. While I did start, I haven’t written in several days because I was discouraged. I cannot tell you when I last attended a fellowship chat or a dua.

I need to change this.

Netjer, to you, in this space, I pray: give me the will to rise from bed in the morning, that I might purify myself and celebrate each Zep-Tepi with Senut. Give me the will to write each night, that I might finish this novel, regardless of its quality (or even its sense). Give me the freedom to celebrate life with my House at our duas and fellowship chats. And, most of all, bring me the balance that I might accomplish spiritual growth while fulfilling my academic, vocational, and social duties and goals.

This, I pray Netjer. Help me to grow strong in You again.


2 Oct

I spend a lot of time complaining and moping, so I’m taking a leaf from Ty Barbary‘s book and making a list of ten things I’m grateful for.

1. The Earls

2. Having the opportunity to cook for my family

3. The miracle of texting

4. The opportunity to watch new episodes of Glee, Doctor Who, and Shadow of Israphel tonight.

5. Sobeq offering to do a Fedw reading for me.

6. Zach.

7. Cats.

8. Dogs.

9. Golden delicious apples.

10. Netjer.

See! So much that I like, and it all outweighs the downs. 🙂


28 Sep

So I wrote up that nice long master plan of “this is my blog and what it’s going to be about!” I didn’t post anything afterwards. Whoops.

The thing is, I am very much a perfectionist. I mull over these posts for a very long time internally before ever deciding to actually start writing them. But by then, I have the “ideal” post in my head and can’t make it into a reality. It’s brain crack.

I think I really ought to start keeping a notepad to write blog ideas down in. Not because I have to, but because I always have and forget ideas. But it’s the same issue I have with journals. I don’t want to “mess them up.” Um, Avy, isn’t that the whole point of a journal? -sighs-


I still have been having purity issues with Senut, combined with my perfection issues. I was going to do Senut today, but my roommate is home for once, so that appears to not be happening. I will, however, be attending the Opet celebrations and naming tonight, so that should be interesting. This is my first festival Dua! I’m excited for that. Hopefully it goes well.

Oh, and I commissioned a votive statue from Nicolas of Ptah, the god of the year. I’m excited for that! I can’t wait to see how it turns out, as I quite like his “rustic” style work. I hope to get my RPD lineup from him, when the time comes. 🙂

Yeah. Just a bit of rambling. I know this blog is the opposite of interesting, but I need to start now or I never will!