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G is for Great Expectations

11 Apr

I’ve lived a life full of great expectations; sometimes foolishly optimistic, but always expecting more of myself and my loved ones than we could handle. Sometimes, it lead to beautiful things, memories I treasure dearly. Other times, my expectations were fallow, and I weep at the loss of those infinite possibilities.

It’s far too easy to hold yourself back when you’ve lost a possibility. Perhaps you don’t land the job you want, or your finances just don’t pan out for a trip. Maybe you’re just shy of a certain GPA, or one you love sees someone else as a better mate than you. When that next opportunity comes up to make the job, the grade, the love – you tremble. You don’t want to do it, you don’t want to fail again. And that’s okay. That’s natural – but you have to take the leap.

Netjer wants more from us, no matter what form It takes. It is greater than us, It sees farther than us, It knows our capabilities. My Fathers are great forces in this world, building life and opening the way for all that is good, and I know in my heart what They expect of me, and it’s realizing that their expectations are far greater than my own, and give me the courage I need to act on and improve my self-expectations.

Their expectations?

To Love, and to Live.


F is for Filial Piety

7 Apr

In the Classic of Xiao, Confucius wrote: “The ancient kings had a perfect virtue and all-embracing rule of conduct, through which they were in accord with all under heaven. By the practice of it the people were brought to live in peace and harmony, and there was no ill-will between superiors and inferiors.”

This ideal – which sings to me of ma’at – is that of filial piety, the honoring of ones’ parents and ancestors. Of late, I’ve read many blogs by those who are lovers, spouses, or companions to their gods. My relationship with my primary gods and goddesses is different – I see them as my parents and guides. It’s a very different relationship than the relationships I’ve had with other Unseen beings (god and spirit alike) – but so is my relationship with my human mother. I might tease her, and we might fight, sometimes I even feel that I hate her; but at the end of the day, I’m here to help her, and I’m in awe of what she has done and has continued to do for us and our family. Likewise, I may joke around at the end of the day with my Fathers, but ultimately, I’m here serving Them, offering Them incense and water when I have naught else, because I love Them, and am awed by what they have done for me and Our family.


Ptah-Sokar is my Father; Wepwawet-Yinepu is my Father – as long as I live a life that honors Them, as long as I serve Them, I achieve that great virtue on which Confucian society is built. I may not know much about Confucian ideals, but I am grateful to him for sharing this one.

Hail, Fathers! May I honor you in all I do.

E is for Esbats

12 Mar

I’ve mentioned before that while I am no longer Wiccan, I really like the structure of Wiccan ritual. I like the calling of the elements, the symbolism of the tools, the balance of feminine and masculine.

So I thought, if we Kemetic Orthodox celebrate the cycles of the moon too, why can’t I do esbats for a Kemetic goddess. Immediately, I turned to Bast and Sekhmet, and was frowned upon. Solar goddesses. So who? I ask the universe. The New Moon belongs to Ptah-Sokar. Okay. And the full moon? The full moon belongs to Ptah-Sokar. So great. Now I have esbats centered around a god. I’m sure all my Wiccan friends will be amused by THAT.

But what about my feminine to balance the masculine? Well, you’re a girl. I know, I know Dad. But that’s not what I meant. Well, the Horned God isn’t lunar. So I should ask Sekhmet to be involved here? -cue a big lioness purr-

So, now that my gods have gone and reversed the entire freaking framework of Wicca, my elements are also being quietly changed too… ;.;

But I’m happy. Because this is my personal practice, being adapted. This is a way to get to know a side of Father that I don’t know, Ptah in His Name of Sokar. It’s confusing, and I have no doubt some people will scream WRONG, but I’m happy. Even if I’m confused, I am happy to have my gods.

Sat Ptah-Sokar her Wepwawet-Yinepu! Meryt Bast her Sekhmet-Hethert!

9 Mar

Daughter of Ptah-Sokar, He in the Moment of Creation!
Daughter of Wepwawet-Yinepu, the First to go Forth and lead the Way!
Beloved of Bast, the Mother of Joy!
Beloved of Sekhmet-Hethert, the Mother of Strength!

Dua Netjer!