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I is for Iryt-Ra

27 May

The Eyes of Ra watch over me. They are the Bright Light, the Scorching Heat, and the Nurturing Warmth of the Sun. They shine golden, with the red-orange solar disc a crown on their heads. At Their Father’s command They give and take, protect and destroy, wound and heal. They are the enforcers of balance in the universe, the defenders of ma’at.

Hail Hethert! Hail Sekhmet! Hail Bast! Gold of the Gods, Bright Flame, the Invisible Paw: may I honor You this day and each day by bringing ma’at into our world.

Iryt-Ra is a title given to more than just these three solar goddesses. Aset, Wadjet, Tefnut, Serqet… nearly any goddess you can name in Kemet has a solar connection, and through that, become Ra’s Eyes who help to maintain order. Ma’ahes, a lion god, is (to my knowledge) the only male god to hold this title. Emky describes him as such: “I see His skin like magma, blaze-orange shining past patches of blackened char; to me, He is the setting sun, the transition between the golden glory of day and the encompassing darkness of night.” One translation of His name is “True before Her” where Her refers to the goddess Ma’at.

The Eyes of Ra are ever present – in the warmth, in the light that causes shadow, in all things that grow. They represent the action of bringing “a thousand of all good and pure things” to the Seen and Unseen worlds. They represent fighting back the forces of isfet. Essentially, They’re the Justice League of the gods.

Each day, look into the sky. When you see the light of the Eye chasing away the darkness, may you be reminded to do the same in your life this and every day.


E is for Esbats

12 Mar

I’ve mentioned before that while I am no longer Wiccan, I really like the structure of Wiccan ritual. I like the calling of the elements, the symbolism of the tools, the balance of feminine and masculine.

So I thought, if we Kemetic Orthodox celebrate the cycles of the moon too, why can’t I do esbats for a Kemetic goddess. Immediately, I turned to Bast and Sekhmet, and was frowned upon. Solar goddesses. So who? I ask the universe. The New Moon belongs to Ptah-Sokar. Okay. And the full moon? The full moon belongs to Ptah-Sokar. So great. Now I have esbats centered around a god. I’m sure all my Wiccan friends will be amused by THAT.

But what about my feminine to balance the masculine? Well, you’re a girl. I know, I know Dad. But that’s not what I meant. Well, the Horned God isn’t lunar. So I should ask Sekhmet to be involved here? -cue a big lioness purr-

So, now that my gods have gone and reversed the entire freaking framework of Wicca, my elements are also being quietly changed too… ;.;

But I’m happy. Because this is my personal practice, being adapted. This is a way to get to know a side of Father that I don’t know, Ptah in His Name of Sokar. It’s confusing, and I have no doubt some people will scream WRONG, but I’m happy. Even if I’m confused, I am happy to have my gods.

Sat Ptah-Sokar her Wepwawet-Yinepu! Meryt Bast her Sekhmet-Hethert!

9 Mar

Daughter of Ptah-Sokar, He in the Moment of Creation!
Daughter of Wepwawet-Yinepu, the First to go Forth and lead the Way!
Beloved of Bast, the Mother of Joy!
Beloved of Sekhmet-Hethert, the Mother of Strength!

Dua Netjer!