BAM CALENDAR! (or the story of the Days Upon the Year)

13 Feb

[5:58:57 PM] Zach: I have to say, I like the Mayans for their sense of long-term.
[5:59:11 PM] Zach: They’re a lot better than we are at that.
[5:59:13 PM] Avonell: Ancient civilizations own!!!!!
[6:00:03 PM] Avonell: The 365 day calendar? Egypt had it!
[6:00:23 PM] Zach: =D
[6:00:39 PM] Zach: Didn’t they also have a separate calendar based on the flooding of the Nile?
[6:01:03 PM] Avonell: There are like three calendars. I can explain them!!!
[6:02:10 PM] Avonell: The year came out of the stellar calendar. So when Sirius (Sopdet) rose, which was also in tune with the inundation of the Nile.
[6:02:42 PM] Avonell: Then they did Math that said 360 days. but they were all WTF THIS IS WRONG
[6:02:53 PM] Avonell: so they made 5 extra days that are ~outside of the year~
[6:03:19 PM] Avonell: Also they had three seasons of four months
[6:03:22 PM] Zach: Outside the year?
[6:03:29 PM] Avonell: and the months had three weeks of ten days
[6:04:00 PM] Avonell: they weren’t considered part of the year. they were called a word that starts with e that i can’t spell
[6:04:04 PM] Avonell: epanomigal or something
[6:05:02 PM] Zach: How does that work?
[6:05:47 PM] Avonell: Epagomenal!!
[6:06:16 PM] Avonell: it works because of one of my favorite myths!
[6:07:10 PM] Avonell: (this is how old societies worked. they knew things but not how so THEY MADE IT UP. this is also how i work)
[6:08:07 PM] Avonell: So, Ra is the king of the gods, and he has his kids, Shu (air) being one of them. Shu’s kids are Nut (the sky) and Geb (the earth). And Nut and Geb are ALWAYS GETTING IT ON because they love each other so much!!
[6:08:26 PM] Avonell: Then there is a prophecy! One of Nut’s kids is gonna take over for Ra
[6:08:36 PM] Avonell: and Ra in classical kingly fashion says FUCK THAT SHIT
[6:08:53 PM] Avonell: He curses Nut so that she cannot have kids on any day of the year
[6:09:02 PM] Avonell: and that sucks because she’s pregnant and there are FIVE OF THEM
[6:10:01 PM] Avonell: so she is not okay with this and neither is Djehuty (Thoth, god of wisdom and magic and being insanely clever). So he is chilling with Khonsu (the Moon) and they’re playing this board game.
[6:10:35 PM] Avonell: And D is all “Yo, Khonsu, let’s make a bet” and he ends up kicking Khonsu’s ass SO HARD that he wins FIVE WHOLE DAYS of light from Mr. Moon
[6:10:44 PM] Avonell: And then at the end of the year he’s all BAM LIGHT
[6:10:51 PM] Avonell: and then Nut gets to have her kids.


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